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Vela a Lugano

Video created for promoting the "epistolary", the video participated in the Moebius youth award.

Premio Möbius Giovani


In my video I will present the works of Vincenzo Vela present in the lakefront of Lugano, from the Cantonal High School Lugano 1 to the Civic Palace. The video was made with the technique of hyperlapse using a GoPro MAX that filmed without interruption the actress who will walk along the route that will allow her to see one work after another of Vela. In the video there will also always be textual or graphic information to allow the viewer to easily orient themselves.



The video has been spread on Youtube, title: "Vela a Lugano".

I chose youtube as the platform because after extensive research I came to the conclusion that for these types of videos, especially for hyperlapse is the best platform because it allows you to play them in full screen and good quality.

It is also an established and stable platform with few risks and this is an advantage because the promotion of the video is safer and longer lasting.



Thanks to this film I can convey to the viewer the emotions that gives the epistolary.

From the film you can draw the conclusion that the epistolary allows us to travel with our mind to discover all the works that surround us as in the case of the film in the nearby city of Lugano. The city was chosen precisely because in the public places it exhibits several works by Vincenzo Vela embellished with scenery and beautiful and well-kept surrounding landscapes.

In the moments in which I will dwell on the works, the title of the work will appear with a brief description, example: Stefano Franscini, father of the Ticino school. In the lower right corner during the shooting of the works will be present the textual name of the place of the work, while in the moment of transition from one work to another will be shown an interactive map that will reproduce on a map the path of the actress. In this way it will be easy to orientate to retrace the same path of the video.


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Premio Giovani


Vela a Lugano


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