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Mobilità sostenibile - Progettazione di un portale



We are in a historic period of change as concerns the mobility sector. We are changing the power supply of our vehicles from combustion engines to electric ones.

There are several advantages, but the main reason is related to the environment: traditional cars powered by fossil fuels are among the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and electric vehicles are the most sustainable choice for the private mobility sector. My project was born to support this change in favour of the environment.


To achieve this transition, it is crucial to raise awareness and provide people with concrete tools. The objective is to build awareness among people who still use traditional vehicles and convince them to change by providing them with a portal containing all the information on the subject, able to propose the most suitable electric car for their needs. The project consists of a brand identity, a website and an awareness campaign.

The aim is to create an iconic reference point for electromobility to enable people to embrace change for themselves and, above all, for the future of the planet.

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Project Information


School Project



Thesis Supervisor:

Davide Grampa


Credits video available at the end of the video.

Copyright: Patrick Pirro

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