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App created for a school project, copy the link of a recipe from Instagram and paste it on Instagnam!

The food app for Instagram  

An app that allows you to paste the link to the source of the recipe,

interprets it and offers it to us in our language, with a detailed shopping list, how to cook it step by step, how long it takes to make it, all the nutritional values (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars, ...) the presence of any intolerances and com- patibility with vegan and vegetarian diet.

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How does it work 

How do I translate the recipe I found on insta?

I paste the link into the app and the app automatically translates it into my language.

How do I know what ingredients I need?

The app automatically interprets the recipe and compiles a list of ingredients with variables such as the unit of measurement (example: gr/lb), you can also set the amount of portions you want to make and the app will automatically calculate the dosage of ingredients.

I'm vegan, how do I know if the recipe contains products derived from animals?

The app will clearly indicate if the recipe is vegan/vegetarian and if it contains ingredients that could cause intolerances.

How do I know how long it will take to make the recipe and if it will be easy?

There will be a special indicator in the app that will indicate the difficulty and the time needed to make the recipe.


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