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As well as digital product design, I also love to do automotive photography, play with P5JS, create logos,...

Ads animations

Animations / LAB SUPSI / 2022

From still image to animated thanks to the combined power of Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere.


Photos / Lamborghini Huracan / 2021

Photos made for 2 friends of mine that rented a Lamborghini Huracan in Lugano, Switzerland


Photos / Kawasaki Z125 Z900 / 2021

Photos made for 2 friends of mine that needed some fire pic for social media.

Long exposure

Photos / Audi Q3 / 2020

Experimental photos taken with the long exposure technique.


Font / Modular / 2021

With P5JS I created this modular font. It's entirely composed by arcs.

Digital Advertising

Workshop / Ads / 2021

I followed a school workshop where we had the possibility to create a digital advertising about a coffee article. Workshop by Alessio Rattazzi

Val Piora

Screen Printing / Poster / 2020

At school we had the possibility to do a workshop with the aim to create a poster for Val Piora with the screen printing technique.

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