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Vinyl and Digital artcover created for ELIAS DJ.

Hear it looking at the artwork!


"Escape", "Escape", "Escape", analyzing these phrases I immediately thought of the fact of escaping from something, someone or a situation and then I immediately thought of the phrase "the light at the end of the tunnel" which represents the spe- rance and the way out, "ESCAPE exit".

This made me think and made me immediately think of escape as something you do to reach a safe place or a better situation and then I came up with the phrase: "The light at the end of the tunnel", so I found an image that could fit what I had in mind, once found I used the effect of the spiral distortion is to create a sort of alteration of reality, is to reproduce a little bit the situations you feel when you escape (adrenaline, excitement, fear, worry, . ..) and finally to recreate the movement of the final product, the vinyl, so a circular movement.

The title of the track is representational, in fact it has been positioned on the "way out" and thanks to the distortion to the radial zoom blur I was able to recreate the effect of the race and give it movement with directionality towards the light, the rescue, the exit from the dangerous situation, I also positioned the writing taking into account the perspective and trying to integrate it as much as possible with the environment, working with the transparency and the effects I was able to make it seem an integral part of the image.


The graphics look like they are in motion, they draw you in, you are intrigued by the full white in the center and the distortion of the walls gives you a sense of movement and frenzy, the graphics make you feel all the sensations you experience in an escape whether they are mental or physical.

Finally, I added the Elias logo in the upper left, the label in the upper right and the barcode in the lower left, these elements had to be present and visible according to what we discussed with Elias.


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