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Ads animations

Animations created for a school project.

From still image to animated video!

During this LAB module, I was able to expand my knowledge for no less than 3 Adobe software: Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro.


This LAB has allowed me to refine my skills in 3 Adobe softwares and I am satisfied with the final output as it has exceeded expectations both in quantity and quality. I also see several possible future uses for this technique as videos for example are the format that receives more interactions on social media. It was also useful to be able to follow Alessio Rattazzi's workshop "Digital Advertising" because, as in my case, his goal was to create advertisements that would capture a user's attention in a few seconds.

Starting image 1
Copyright: 4711 Acqua Colonia
Starting image 2
Copyright: Coca Cola
Starting image 3
Copyright: Amazi Foods
Starting image 4
Copyright: Lego
Starting image 5
Copyright: Ikea
Animated video 1
Animated video 2
Animated video 3
Animated video 4
Animated video 5


The workflow I used was as follows:

1) Searching for the advertising image on the Internet on social media but especially on Pinterest.

2) Saving the image in a good quality and importing it into Photoshop.

3) Image decomposition by isolating the layers and re-creating the background or missing pieces of some objects using the "fill by content", the "corrective brush", the "clone stamp" and the "brush".

4) Saving the .psd file with all layers renamed and saved by object and importing it into After Effects.

5) Animation of single layers using transformation properties and effects.

6) Export of an .mp4 file without sounds and search for sounds on youtube or

7) Importing sounds and mp4 file to Premiere and synchronizing music and/or sounds.

8) Export of the final file in mp4 format

Project Information


School Project

All copyrights indicated under the images






SUPSI Mendrisio

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